Sustainable fashion in a modern world

Sustainability is more important today than ever before. Protecting nature…

Sustainability is more important today than ever before. Protecting nature and our environment is our gift to ourselves. We live too fast, we consume a lot and we get tired of it. So sustainability today is understood as living slowly and with quality.
When we talk about fashion, we increasingly care about the environment. Today, more and more famous brands are taking a sustainable path. Sustainable fashion is exclusive, ethical and slow because you can’t rush quality.

Style and sustainable fashion

Sometimes you can think that sustainable fashion has no style, there is something old. True, it is a kind of return to a past where quality and longevity, traditions and history meet. When purchasing a sustainable fashion item, you need to ask yourself if I will wear this item at least 20 or 30 times. If the answer is yes, then buy it.

In our opinion, the style today is quality and simplicity. Style with easy! Steeztrend recommends choosing clothes that are high quality and will always be stylish, that you will wear for several seasons, adapting them to other details of clothing. The concept of sustainable fashion is based on natural fabrics, materials, production methods, human resources.

In our shop we present Italian label for sustainable fashion – Slowconcept. A production with Italian DNA born in Como. Sustainable production’s philosophy, strongly rooted in the territory of origin but characterized by an international vocation. Cashmere hats, pure wool scarves, silk foulards from Lake Como to your home.